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Upcoming Events for 2018!

Aug 18, 2018

Trick Training Clinic

Philip Whitmore Clinic

If you're looking for something different to do with your horses and your friends, come learn the basics of trick training. This fun and exciting style of training helps create a bond between horse and owner that will carry over to everything you do with your horse.

The clinic will be all day, lunch and beverages provided! 
$75.00 (includes lunch)
$10.00 spectator fee 

Only accepting the first 10 people so message me today to ensure your spot!!

Fee is due by June 13th! 

Desensitizing Clinic

Come enjoy a day of fun desensitizing with your horse! Desensitizing is building confidence in your horse, as well as establishing respect and control on the ground and in saddle. 

There will be many obstacles to learn and conquor with your horse. The beginning will be easier obstacles, then slowly getting more tricky! Obstacles are all optional, if anyone chooses to skip one this is absolutely okay.  

To help with the day will be trainer Taylor Verbridge, guiding everyone along with their horses and helping out if there are some sticky spots. Taylor believes strongly in building confidence with horse and rider, as it travels along with any discipline, whether under saddle or not. Desensitizing establishes trust in the handler with their horse, as well as respect and control which is very imporant when dealing with any horse.  

Admission is $50. Spectators welcome! There will be no fee for spectators.
If you do not have your own horse and still wish to participate, we have lesson horses at the facility that you could gladly use! 

A sneak peak at our obstacles include: teeter totter bridge, ribbons, plastic pools, umbrella, pool noodles, tarps, hula hoops and much more! 


May 28, 2023

12:00 PM

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