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Boarding Options 

Magnolia Stables is owned and run by Taylor Verbridge, an AQHA Horseman with years of experience training, teaching, and competing. Many are saying she is the "new era" of running an equine facility with her bright new ideas and concepts in making every boarder comfortable and their horses happy! 

Stall Board


Full Board $675 per month
Full board includes quality hay trucked in from New York and a personalized feed plan for each and every horse. 

Hay is fed 3x day, grain 2x a day. Grass is provided all summer long.

Individual stall and custom turnout schedule is customized to the handlers preference. Each stall has a personal run-out attached with the ability to close off by a dutch door.

Supplements provided by owners will be fed at no additional charge.

Also fly sheets, masks, and spray are applied/changed at no additional charge.

Note: All boarded horses must be on an active worming program and all horses are fecal tested twice a year at the owners cost.

Boarders are welcomed to bring their own ferrier, vet, dentist, etc. to the facility. We understand how important it is when you find the right people to take care of your horse and we don't want to change that! 

Training Board


Training is available for horses at all levels, specifically in the western disciplines. Horses will be evaluated prior to being accepted in to the training program.

  • Starting horses

  • Correct leads and departures

  • Leg aids

  • Stopping and backing

  • Neck reining

  • Developing trail skills

  • Confidence under saddle

  • Versatility

  • Frame and carriage

  • Overall communication and respect 

Training Board- $975 per month includes full board and up to five training sessions per week, plus 1 free lesson with horse and rider per week. 

Arrangements can be made for training sessions for horses that are not in the training program. 

The charge for a training ride is $50 per session.

The charge for an exercise ride is $30 per session.




There are 8 turnout fields on the property, each approximately 2 acres in size, bordered by fencing with electric lining along the inside.  Most turnout is grouped, although there are some individual turnout slots. 

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